Call for Submissions


“The Material Turn” references a global philosophical impetus to address the increasing digitization of culture & society, and the political implications of this trend, including a counter response of placing emphasis on the physicality of matter. Creative material responses to questions of data control, the meaning of big data, algorithmic interpretations of data, data mining and information overload are some of the core interests of the project, in particular as they relate to the expanded textile field. This premise will inform the curatorial selection of works for The Material Turn exhibition.

We invite proposals from members of the Quebeçois, Canadian and International textile research communities as well as from artists working within the broader theme of data as art material and/or at the intersection of materiality and digital technology. Cross-disciplinary collaboration is especially encouraged.

The exhibition will occupy all of the interior spaces of the FOFA Gallery: the Black Box, Main Gallery, Ste-Catherine Vitrine and the York Corridor Vitrines (see floor plan document). Contributors can suggest their works for any of the below spaces:

The Black Box will house the Archive of the Unloved. This material archive will contain test samples and finished woven works that have been temporarily shelved or rejected by their makers. Serving as a ‘touch gallery’, the Archive of the Unloved speaks to the processual nature of weaving and gathering data/information as part of the creative process. What happens with this information afterwards is reflective of the mass of unused, collected data floating in the Internet interstices, seemingly useless. What new information might we glean from sharing, recontextualizing and forming new relationships with these materials? The Archive of the Unloved literally puts visitors in touch with the failures and/or learning objects, with products of process becoming products for gallery consumption.

We will accept submissions for the Archive of the Unloved either as stand-alone submissions or as complementary elements to works selected for the Main Gallery and Vitrines.

The Main Gallery will house larger works, a combination of wall works and suspended, architectural or installation pieces.

One or two eye-catching pieces will be selected for display in the Sainte-Catherine Vitrine as representative of the exhibition as a whole.

The York Corridor Vitrines will feature mainly wall or projected video works with a horizontal orientation, to best fit the dimensions of the space.

*Email submissions only, in one PDF.

*Please include a link to your website, where a bio and CV can be found.

*Please include a brief artist statement about your project being submitted (no more than 250 words).

*Artists/curators may submit a maximum of five works for consideration (no more than two images per work, including a detail and installation image of each for a total of ten images max)

Send submissions to:

>> ARTIST FEES will be paid according to CARFAC guidelines, pending funding.

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