As part of The Material Turn Exchange, high profile artists from Montreal and abroad will be invited to present their work to an audience of academic researchers, artists, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as other selected interest groups.

Some of the exchanges will include targeted lectures, scheduled one-on-one consultations with graduate students, workshops and/or brief artist residencies, all within the framework and facilities of the Milieux Institute of Arts, Culture and Technology at Concordia University.


Milieux Institute is a unique research facility at Concordia, where the boundaries between distinct disciplines are softened and individual researchers are encouraged to collaborate across cluster foci. The Textiles and Materiality Research Cluster within Milieux has as its goal: to shape the future of textiles, material objects and charged experiential spaces. Invited speakers/ artists-in-residence will be asked to visit the institute, with scheduled events to take place during the visit.


It is our intention that a slow building of this new network will lead to future projects and collaborations.

All individual Material Turn Exchange events are dependent on sucessfully securing grant funding.