Main Gallery and Vitrines:

Sophia Borowska (Montreal, QC, CA)

Lia Cook (Berkeley, CA, US)

Emily Hermant (Vancouver, BC, CA)

Robin Kang (Queens, NY, US)

Ryth Kesselring (Montreal, QC, CA)

Barbara Layne/ Studio subTela (Montreal, QC, CA)

with Janis Jefferies (UK)

Louise Lemieux Bérubé (Montreal, QC, CA)

LoVid (New York, NY, US)

Heather MacKenzie (Chicago, IL, US)

Petrina Ng (Toronto, ON, CA)

Ellen Rothenberg (Chicago, IL, US)

Shelley Socolofsky (Oregon, US)

Laura Splan (Brooklyn, NY, US)

Archive of the (Un)loved in the Black Box:

The Archive of the (Un)loved contains unfinished/

abandoned works by numerous artists. View the

map of installed works, here.

To see more, please visit the FOFA Gallery webpage

devoted to the Material Turn exhibition, here.

Participating Artists

The Material Turn

   curated by Kelly Thompson

   and WhiteFeather Hunter

  FOFA Gallery, Montreal, Canada

  March 5 - April 13, 2018

© 2016 Kelly Thompson. Design: WhiteFeather Hunter.